IntegryDesk is a desktop optimization suite: it helps users free their desktop from icon clutter, offers a one-click access to any program, folder or file, eliminates window clutter on the taskbar and offers more efficient work with multiple windows.
      IntegryDesk features a cascading popup application launcher that can be placed on the left or right side of the desktop, or split into similar panels and placed on both sides of desktop. The user can drag all shortcuts, folders and files from the desktop to the panel where they can all be accessed in one click. Additionally, the application launcher can be used to instantly launch any URL or send an email.
      IntegryDesk also has the Windows Start menu that pops up right under the mouse pointer after a left-double-click on the desktop. By pressing the CTRL button and double-clicking, the Start menu can even appear floating over windows. In addition to the standard folders, the menu features Desktop, Quick Launch, My Computer and other items. The list of menu folders can be easily configured in the IntegryDesk Properties dialog.
      The IntegryDesk Control Menu can be accessed by right-clicking on the program icon that sits in the task tray. This menu allows the user to save the current icon layout and restore it in a click whenever the desktop gets messy. Additionally, this menu enables the user to hide or show desktop shortcuts and remove the arrows from them. By left-clicking on the tray icon, the user can access a popup menu that displays all the desktop icons.
      The program also enhances the window navigation system. The user can roll up/down any window by right-clicking on its title bar. Clicking on the Minimize button, the user can minimize the current window to the task tray instead of the taskbar. Any window can be made semi-transparent or put on top simply by right-clicking on its title bar and selecting the appropriate command in the contextual menu.
      IntegryDesk is available for Windows 98/NT 4.0/2000/ME/XP.
Download IntegryDESK 15-Day evaluation version -  ZIP format (file size: 1.29 Mb)
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